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Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Kalibrasi Honeywell’s ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters

Honeywell’s ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters provide accurate, reliable and stable process performance cost-effectively. These transmitters offer a greater turndown ratio than conventional transmitters, along with local zero and span, and are ideal for pressure measurement in many industrial applications. ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters pay for themselves many times over.
​ ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters bring proven ‘smart’ technology to a wide spectrum of pressure measurement applications. The product family includes differential pressure, absolute pressure, gauge pressure and remote seal transmitters. The in-built ST 3000 sensor fully compensates for the ambient conditions associated with installation, resulting in exceptional accuracies in process, not just at reference conditions.
Other benefits of ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters include:
  • Stability = ±0.01% per year
  • Reliability = 470 years MTBF
Many of the world’s refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, paper mills, and pipeline operations rely on ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters for accurate and consistent measurement.
ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters can replace any 4 to 20 mA output transmitter in use today and operate over a standard two-wire system. The measuring means, a piezoresistive sensor, is a three-in-one sensor. It uses a differential pressure sensor, a temperature sensor and a static pressure sensor to deliver a comprehensive and compensated output signal. Microprocessor-based electronics provide higher span turndown ratio, improved temperature and pressure compensation with improved accuracy.
The transmitters offer users a range of output communication options to choose from, including 4-20 mA, Honeywell Digitally Enhanced (DE), HART (both HART 5 and HART 6) and FOUNDATION fieldbus. When integrated with Honeywell’s Experion® PKS, they provide a more accurate process variable and advanced diagnostics, including full HART 6 integration.

ST 3000 Series 900 transmitters lead the industry in stability, reliability and installed process performance. They significantly reduce users’ project and lifetime ownership costs. This is accomplished through lower transmitter database management and startup costs, efficient maintenance, reduced inventory requirements and extensive diagnostics. 
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